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At Fitness 2000, we understand the need for a gym that caters to people from all walks of life and abilities. On this, we pride ourselves on leading the pack not only in our extensive equipment, but also in our friendliness and availability. Whether you are new to exercising, or a seasoned veteran, you’ll find a friendly welcome with our team, and plenty of friendly faces on the floor. We can cater to your full journey from fitness newbie, as far as you want to take it! We train daily with people on their first visit, side by side with some of the best fighters, profesional bodybuilders and strongest people in the region. Whoever you are, you have a home in the Fitness 2000 community.

We know that recent events have taken a hard toll on everyone, both physically and mentally. Fitness 2000 is one of the few gyms where you will get to meet our owner on an almost daily basis. Thanks to this, Les ensures that our facilities are available to use without worry of a contract.


On top of this, we really do make sure to have a first class, friendly team who attend to everyone, not a select few. Veterans who receive support from the city’s Veterans in Crisis charity get free lifetime memberships, in order to ensure we really help where it matters in our local community.

The team also welcomes people who may be switching from other local gyms. Be it to switch up your routine, or just for a fresh change of scenery, the gym boasts over 1000sq metres of space which is more than enough for even the busiest of peak times, and with enough room to take into consideration those who might enjoy a little extra personal space. We also play host to a number of Personal Trainers who are eager to help those who are considering taking Fitness 2000 as their new home for training.

Perhaps most importantly, we understand that the gym is a place for people to feel comfortable, but also feel challenged. We know that members want to come to us knowing that we have clean facilities, and provide for their every need. A task which we do not take lightly, but enjoy excelling at. We also know that people attend the gym to better themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. For those people, we say to you that we have your back and we are right there fighting alongside you.

Should you ever find yourself with a query, needing advice, or with a useful suggestion, please don’t hesitate to contact our Fitness 2000 family.

Fitness 2000

Home of Champions

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